Got Goals?

By T. Renee

Goals…everybody has them right?!? Well over here at The F.I.T. Diva’s society, we’ve been focused on all things #goals! It’s our theme this month.  After all its the perfect time right? Top of the New Year, everybody’s on the ‘New Year, New Me’ and ‘2018 is My Year’ wave right?!?

Well what happens when that wave dies down? Were you just believing the hype or do you really walk the walk? How can you still go after your goal once those around you have fallen off? Well let’s dig deeper and see.

“You should set goals that you’re passionate about.  No one is impressed with you having #goals just for the sake of having them. Put some substance behind it. Put some passion and meaning behind everything you do sis.”

Its okay to have several goals but once you untangle that web of thoughts in your mind you’ll be able to hone in on those that your are truly chasing after, that you’re the most passionate about and the ones you want to focus on in 2018.

“No one is impressed with you having #goals just for the sake of having them. Put some substance behind it.” ~Mrs. T. Renee

When you narrow down your goals, maybe 5 – 10 for the year, you’ll be able to make them smart.

Smart goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

That’s the key to remaining while other have fallen off. When you have smart goes, it means you have actually gone through the process of determining the specifics.  You have determined how you’ll measure your progress towards that goal. You have done the research to make your goals realistic and achievable.  Now I’m not say don’t dream big…what I am saying is that BIG goal could be broken down in several mini goals over a period of time. I want you to dream BIG and blow your own mind!

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Now you’ve got your smart goals, the next step is to take action.

You may have a better time achieving those goals if you write them down. It does work! Try making them visual and putting them in front of your face daily. We could all use daily reminders to keep us focused on the days we feel like giving up, trust me it does happen more often then people care to admit.

“Break that goal down day by day with task list and action steps. Some days you’ll need it more than others.  But don’t you dare, not celebrate your victory along the way”

Set some goals, make sure they’re smart and go after them everyday, as hard as you possibly can. Remember goals themselves don’t do the work, you have to! I’m rooting for you!

Before you go, grab your free goal planner worksheet.


Mrs. T. Renee

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    Great article and so needed. Thanks!!

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