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While searching Amazon for a good read to launch the beginning of the book club we came across several. From inspirational and self help to drama and everything in between. But then, we came across a book that had us sold from it’s enticing description. That book was non other than The Circle . 

WCW Spotlight

Since we enjoyed the book so much, we wanted to chat with the author. We recently had the privilege to interview author of The Circle, Mrs. Ronyea Thompson. Sit back and enjoy this amazing interview of our first WCW Spotlight of 2018.

When did you realize you first wanted to be an author?

I have always had a love for storytelling. It wasn’t until I graduated college that I thought, I want to really write a book.

Do you write full time or part-time?

Part Time – I work as a Registered Nurse for my day job, but I’d love to be able to write FT one day 😉

How do you deal with writers block?

I try to find inspiration but I also give myself time…at times too much time, because it took me six years to complete The Circle.

Share your ambitions for your writing career.

If I could have it my way, I would love to be able to write full time and even have my books turned into a TV series or movie(s)

What does your writing space look like?

I am not as organized as some writers. My laptop is my best friend so sometimes my writing space is my bed, couch, or even my car at the park.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not writing?

I have 2 children: Ryleigh (6) and Robbie (3), who keeps me very busy, and I work full time; but I do find time to hang with friends, watch TV, and I plan to travel more this year

“Yikes; that’s like asking who is your favorite child (LOL).”

Let’s dig in!!

How did you come up with the storyline for ‘The Circle’?

I have a group of friends who I chat with daily via email. They were my inspiration for The Circle storyline.

Is there anything in this novel based on real life experiences or purely your imagination?

I drew inspiration from my friends for sure. I have a friend who lives in the Bay Area that I very loosely based Chantal’s character on. And when I say very loosely based I mean she is a dancer, but a praise dancer for her church, and owns a dance studio (jazz, tap, ballet, etc.). She has never stripped, done drugs, and is married with two daughters; so, the similarities are she lives in California and dance, but that’s as similar as that character gets. So I had inspiration, but the storylines were created mainly from my imagination.

Who is your favorite ‘The Circle’ character?

Yikes; that’s like asking who is your favorite child (LOL). I had fun playing with all of them and can see myself in each one of them. They are all relatable to me. I loved creating and playing with Chantal’s character. Her growth is what I liked. Keisha chose herself, I love that.  Really, who hasn’t settled at some point in their life? I love Natalie’s innocence and strength despite all she’s been through. Her love story with John was brief, but pure. But, if I HAD to choose, I would probably say Chantal was my favorite character.

What was your favorite part or chapter to write and why?

This is the first time I have been asked this question…I would probably say when Chantal left the strip club and when Natalie read John’s letter- both of those moments to me were like exhaling and entering a new beginning.

If ‘The Circle’ was turned into a movie, who would you pick to play the lead

Another good question. There are so many talented actresses out right now
but off the top of my head:
Megan Good – Chantal
Issa Rae – Robin
Janelle Monae – Natalie
Lauren London – Keisha
Tika Sumpter – Rashida
Jennifer Lewis – Harvey’s mom

CHS Birthday Bonus Pack
CHS Birthday Bonus Pack

“I want people to take away the strong sense of friendship, a spiritual tone, and overall strength. ”

Tell us about your ideal reader?

My ideal reader is women (of all races) between the ages of 20-50 (although I had both younger and older women express their love for the book).

What is the main thing you would like readers to take away from this book?

When writing I didn’t have a particular “point” I wanted readers to get; however, now that it is complete, I want people to take away the strong sense of friendship, a spiritual tone, and overall strength. It is my hope the book provided some brief entertainment that allowed them to live in The Circle characters’ world and escape their reality for a moment.

Tell us what are you working on now. Any chance of a sequel?

I have been working on a sequel and hope to have it out sometime in 2018. I have another book that is almost complete as well but I am still working on the title.

Seems like The Circle fans need to get ready for part 2!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I like many – Mary Monroe, Terri Woods, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Rashonda Tate Billingsley to name a few.

We even got to play a little game to find out more about Ronyea.

Let’s play a little either/or…

Print or Ebook?

Print! It’s something nostalgic about turning the page of a book.

Fiction or nonfiction?

I am a sucker for nonfiction. I think it is so dope how creative some people are with their storytelling and creating, but I will also read a good self-help book from time to time.

Short story or novel?


Summer or winter?


Tea or coffee?

Neither! Movies or T.V.? Both (LOL)

Your favorite 90s jam?

The 90’s were lit, but if Juvenile’s “Back that
thang up” come on, I’m on that dance floor ASAP!

What is your favorite quote?

If God be for me, who can be against me? And
-Nothing beats a failure like a try!

Are there any gems you’d like to impart to aspiring writers?

Start. You don’t have to know everything when starting out, you will learn as
you go, just make sure you’re going forward. It’s also important to have a
trusted one, or two, people who will listen to your storyline and tell you
honestly if they like it or not. And don’t take criticism personal. But with that
said, always follow YOUR heart and trust your gut!

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

The support has been overwhelming. From when I first put the characters on paper, to when the book was published it was six years. I doubted myself more times than I can count. I never expected it to take off the way it has; so I say thank you so much. Please leave reviews on social media and Amazon, and feel free to reach out to let me know how you liked it.

Because we love this book so much, we want everyone to read it LOL. How can readers discover more about you and your work and purchase ‘The Circle’

Instagram: TheCircleNovel and Itsme_Ronyea
Facebook: TheCircleNovel and Ronyea Dickerson-Thompson
Amazon Author Page: Ronyea Thompson
Goodreads: Ronyea Thompson

Seems like you should head to your nearest outlet and grab your copy!

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