Self Confidence Affirmations

10 Affirmations to reclaim your self-confidence

Self Confidence Affirmations

First of all, self-confidence is all about SELF! Its trusting your abilities, qualities, and judgement. You display your level of confidence, or lack thereof, in many ways yet, you may not even think about it, and how other people perceive your level of confidence. Your body language, your behavior, the way you speak and so on all tell the story of your confidence.   Self-confidence is a personal thing that many people struggle with. From body confidence and jealousy to comparison and self-sabotaging behaviors, lack of self-confidence is real! Almost all of us have struggled with confidence issues at one point, let’s be real.

Because its common, low self-confidence that is, there are tons of tips out there to help you boost your self-confidence. We believe that affirming yourself is a very powerful one. As with most things, self-confidence starts with your mindset.  We believe speaking things, in this instance, self-confidence into existence.  The more you speak it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more you strive for it! After-all, you can have anything you believe you can have, and that includes the intangibles, like self-confidence.

Maybe you are struggling with self-confidence, or even if you’re not, we want you to start affirming yourself daily! Here are some of our favorite self-confidence affirmations. Write your favorites down and take them wherever you go!

10 Confidence Affimations

Affirmations can help you set your tone and intentions for day. Therefore, you should probably get in the habit of affirming everything concerning you. As a result, you’ll see a change in your mindset in addition to your confidence level.

One of our favorites to keep us confident and that can you get started on affirming yourself daily is the Journey to I Am Affirmation Journal by our founder, T. Renee.  Seems like you should grab your copy today and reclaim your confidence!

Share your favorite self-confidence affirmations in the comments to help some reclaim their confidence!

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    For me, “I am” affirmations are good practice to attract anything. It would be better result if we practice this before visualization. here the list of 1000+ I am affirmation you can use daily.

    Best of luck.

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