Soul Sister

You must be my soul sister….It was at this moment, when I saw her first tear fall, and the soft look in her eye that said, “will I be ok?”, that I instantly knew I would be her  Soul Sister. My eyes met hers and I assured her with one look “you will be ok, I am here to take on your pain as my own.” And from that moment on, we’ve be connected. 

A story so familiar with a lot of my connections. I didn’t always understand it, but now I embrace it.

It is a rare instance that you have people in your life who just get it, and get you. They comfort you without physically touching you. These people speak volumes without opening their mouths. I’m talking about praying for you when you don’t have the strength to pray for yourself. They take on your needs as their own because they care. They come into your life at the right time and it comforts your soul.

You may have no idea why this person just seems to know the right thing to say or do at the exact moment you need it. I’m compelled to say, they know, because they have been you.  For whatever reason she has been in the same position as you, a time or two, and knows how it feels to long for someone, a #Soulsister to get it, to get her…to help her!

I long for the day when we get back to caring more for the soul of a person, instead of the soles on a person. Your sisters are fighting battles that they may never speak of. They struggle daily and often times hide it with a smile on the outside while being torn on the inside. It doesn’t take you knowing “her business” to give a gentle hug. Flash a polite smile. Encourage her with a “girl you got this” or an “I’m rooting for you” or at the very least “I’m praying for you”.

This is not what I intended to write, but He told me it’s what needed to be said.

So to my Soul Sister and my sisters near and far, lets making caring cool again. The world beats us up enough already, don’t throw the punch that’s the fatal blow.

I hope this encourages you all.


T Renee Global

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