WCW Spotlight Poole's Palace Math Lab

WCW Spotlight Poole’s Palace Math Lab

WCW Spotlight Poole's Palace Math Lab

Today our WCW Spotlight feature goes to Chandrea Poole of Poole’s Palace Math Lab!

We recently had the honor to interview Chandrea so lets dive in.

Introduce yourself and your business to our readers

Hello, I’m Chandrea Poole

When did your love for math and education begin?

My love began around 2006 when I began teaching. I actually never thought I’d teach. I graduated for JSchool in Broadcast Journalism.

What made you decide to start Poole’s Palace Math Lab?

I decided last year when a friend of mine, Sheria Griffin drilled it my head during one of my tutoring sessions at my home. I’ve always wanted to teach Math. This was my confirmation.

What are you future career aspirations?

I aspire to be the owen of Kingston Academy, a charter school for students who struggle with test taking. Nehemiah’s wall of distinction will categorize the students according to grade level and ability grouping.

Tell use about the services you offer and the locations you serve.

I offer math tutorials at my home throughout the week after school until around 7 p.m. Monday – Thursday; a Saturday Math Lab from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. at the Dreams Center in Tallahassee, FL; and I sometimes offer classes on Sunday evenings for those parents who can’t make it through the week.

Are you currently offering any specials/promos?

Currently Sweet Deals is offering half off for the summer math camp. I also have siblings discounts.

Let’s get to know Chandrea with a little game of this or that:

Summer or Winter: Summer

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

Heels or Flats: Heels baby LOL

Any advice you’d like to leave with our readers?

Invest in your children at all costs!

Are you accepting donations / volunteers / partnerships? If so, what are your needs?

Yesssssssssssssss all the time. Email me to get started!

How can readers connect with you?

By email: chanap1001@gmail.com


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