Making Money Moves Blog Post

Making Money Moves

Making Money Moves Blog Post

Making Money Moves. We hear it all the time, but are you really living it?

Let’s be real ladies, ain’t nothing cute about being broke…NOTHING!!! We know  what you might say, saving money is hard…well to that we say, being broke is hard, so pick your hard. It’s your choice.

We recently stumbled upon Acorns, the investment app! We’re still new but are loving it thus far! The Acorns app invests your spare change by rounding up the nearest dollar, or more, for every purchase from your linked card. This app makes investing fun and easy.

The Acorns investing app encourages you to unvest your spare change by using the “Round-Ups” system.  By linking a card, Acrons monitors your daily purchases and automatically invests the change from each transaction. For instance, you spend $4.30 for lunch, Acorns will round up the transcation to $5.00 and $.70 is automatically invested into your Acorns account.

Now keep in mind, Acorns is literally only investing pennies at a time, so don’t consider it your means to effective long-term savings plan. We will say that its a great starting point for those, like us, who haven’t invested yet or needs guidance starting out with investing.

In 2015, Acorns founder Jeff Cruttenden told CNN Money that people like the idea of investing spare change. 

We know you want all the dets to start Making Money Moves so here goes:

  • No minimum investment
  • Fees: $1/month, under $1 millon
  • Set up recurring deposits of varying amounts
  • Make one time deposits
  • Get referral bonuses
  • Earn extra cash through “Found Money” (shopping through Acorns rewards program)
  • Mobile and Web access
  • Free to join
But that’s not it, Acorns features round-ups, found money, scheduled deposits, and more!

Ladies, we invite you to take advantage of this investing app. Its painless, easy investing! Click here to join, for free today and start making money moves.

Disclosure: We may use affiliate codes when linking to third parties.  These codes typically earn us a small commission.

If you’re ready to start Making Money Moves…



To see how else the Divas believe in Making Money Moves…download our 2018 Savings Challenge…it’s never to late to start.


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