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Shift Happens

Shift Happens! Some people go throw life and some people grow through life. But at the end of the day, shift happens! Shift: move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance.

Today we officialy announce that a shift is happening, and we couldn’t be more excited.

For some time now, we were asked about and we’ve been promising to deliver a line-up of FIT Diva Merchandise, be we could never feel the urge to move forward. Of course we wanted everyone who loves our brand to be able to proudly represent the FIT Diva squad, but something was off. Something was holding us back. It wasn’t until taking the time wait, listen, and reflect that it all became clear. In life, and business, shift happens!

Mood changing colors!

From light and dainty to bold, powerful, and royal. Shift happens, it only makes sense. Here at the FIT Divas Society we have a collection of lipstick and lipglosses, the FIT Diva Collection,. The colors, hand-picked from Seven Cosmetics, are non other than red, nude, and purple. Each color represents a word in our name fierce.inspired.transformed. But guess what, our branding didn’t reflect that.

We recently introduced you to Fierce Faye, Inspired Imani, and Transformed Tasia, our FIT Diva personalities. Each diva, dressed in their personality color: red, nude and purple, is promoting the fierce.inspired.transformed lifestyle. It was at this moment that it clicked, and it made sense. The shift was happening.

To come it all come together, we shifted our brand colors to better represent the look, mood, and feel of our brand.  Since that decision was made, the vision became clearer, the life came back into us. Today, we are so proud of the brand and what it represent. We are fierce, inspired and transformed.

Face Lift!

We not only changed our colors, we updated our logo. Our new logo boldy represents who we are while being classy and timeless. Check out our new logo!
FIT Divas Society Logo

Now, we are thrilled to have official FIT DivaTees. Go ahead and grab yours and show the world you represent the FIT Diva Squad!

With confidence and clarity we can honestly say, be on the lookout for more merchandise coming from us, featuring our new logo, the FIT Diva girls, and more!

Because you’re only the blog, we’re sure you noticed our facelift of the site as well. These are just a few of the new things happening for and to us. We welcome it and embrace it because we know…shift happens!

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