4 Steps to Owning the New Year

4 Steps to Owning the New Year

Ready or not, but we’re hope you’re ready, or in the process of getting ready, 2019 is on its way! We didn’t want to leave you hanging so we’re giving you 4 steps to owning the New Year!

One thing we learned into 2018 is how critical having an action plan is to your success, in any area of life. We don’t want you to make the simple mistake me made so we’re giving you some ammunition to carry into the new year. If you follow these steps, you’re well on your way to living the life of your dreams in 2019.

 Step 1 – Own Where You Are

You cannot begin to own something new without fully owning what you have now.  In other words, you cannot own the new year without owning where you are right now! By owning, I mean acknowledging, admitting, embracing, and facing. A lot of us get stuck on the journey to where we want to be simply because we don’t own where we are. Life happens to all of us. Setbacks, milestones, tribulations, accomplishments, none of us are exempt. But what I’ve discovered is the sooner you own it, whether that it be a high or low, the sooner you can learn from it and move forward. 

Step 2 – Own Your Vision and Purpose

Your vision and your purpose are just that, yours. So why not own it? We all have our own unique purpose and we all should have vision of what that purpose in our future entails. But you can’t stop with knowing your purpose and vision, you have to pick it up, carry it around on your back, in your heart, and in your mind at all times. You have to live it, breathe it, smell it and believe it. Sometimes no one understands your vision but you and you know what, that’s perfectly ok. Its not theirs to understand. Your vision and purpose are bigger than you. When you fully own what your purpose and vision are, nothing or no one will be able to make you doubt or question it, just because they can’t see it. Your vision and purpose are bigger than you.

Step 3 – Own Your Space

When it comes down to owing the new year, you definitely have to own your space and the people and things you allow to become a part of that space.  Let’s just be real for a moment, you cannot manifest the life you want in this new year if you are surrounded by doubters, naysayers, haters, you get the drift right?!? Your space, your environment needs to be one that nutures everything you’re coming for in the new year. So be picky about your space. Be picky about what takes place in that space. Be picky about who you let in that space.  Those who don’t get it just may not need to be in your space anyway.

Step 4 – Own Your Journey

I cannot think of the countless times that I, yes I’m not exempt, and the people around me have lost focus by being focused on someone elses journey. When we focus on others too long, we lose sight of self. We start comparing, questioning, and wondering how, who, what, when, where, and why about them. We desperately try to figure out how they’ve made it to this part of their journey. The best way to own your journey is to focus on your journey…that’s it. You know what you’ve been through, you know where you want to go, and you know what it will take to get there, so focus on that. Its not your job to figure out anyones journey and vice versa. Enjoy your journey for what it is. Every milestone and every hiccup, own it and no one will ever be able to use it against you. 
We didn’t leave you empty handed!
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You have a beautiful life ahead of you so get ready. Cheers to owning 2019 and beyond!

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