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Walk It, Talk It

Walk it, talk it. Post it, live it. Log on to any social media platform, on any given day, and you’re see hundreds of inspirational, motivational, “I got your back sis” posts. You click the like button. You double tap that post. Or if you really relate, you screenshot and save it for use later. You smile on the inside because you’re officially a champion for women empowerment, right?!? To you I’d ask one question…

do you walk it like you talk it?

It’s nothing to post an inspirational post, get a few likes and make everything look nice in the big world of social media. But offline, is everything real like it post to be? What happens when your sister needs you in real life? When she needs advice, do you freely give it, you know, each one teach one. Or are you tight lipped in fear that she could be great too? If she confides in you, will you betray her trust and here her business again in the streets. Or what if your friend has an issue with another female? Are you going to let you friend convince you not liking her too? Or are you going to be that person that let your friend know that you won’t like somebody because they have issues with them.

Walk it, talk it sis! Make sure you real life lines up with you post on social media. On the internet people can be anything they want to be. But what about your life outside the app? You can only hide behind social media for so long. There will come a time when you will be put to a test to see if you really walk it like you talk it. If you don’t, well you know how powerful word of mouth is right sis?

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