4 Keys to Bloom Where You're Planted

4 Keys to Bloom Where you are Planted.

To me the quote “Bloom where you’re planted” means to bloom right where you are, even if its not the place you desire to be. Against all odds, regardless of the circumstances, bloom diva, bloom! There are certain things in life that we’re not in control, situations we can’t control and circumstances that we can’t ignore. We can’t determine the cards that we’re dealt, be we can definitely determine how we play them. Again I say, bloom diva, bloom! Just like the flower that grows through the concrete, find that crack, push through it and bloom, because just like that flower, you were made to bloom.

So how do you bloom where you’re planted? Here are 4 keys to blooming where you’re planted. I like to consider these keys my lucky 4 leaf clover.

Accept where you are! 

Until you truly accept where you are right now, you’ll never truly bloom. Take the flower in the concrete for example. That flower could have kept knocking against the slab of concrete, angry because the concrete was on top of it, trying to keep it buried, but instead that flower chose to look for a crack and bloom through it. The same thing goes for us. You may not be at your dream job. You may not be where you want to be in life, or better yet, where you thought you should be in life, but realize every step in life is for a purpose. Each step prepares you for the next one. You can’t get to the next step if you don’t accept and master your current location.


Take advantage of opportunities at your current step.

You may not understand it now, but you are exactly where you are for a reason. There are opportunities for you right where you are if you seek them out. Instead of complaining about where you are, diligently seek ways to improve. There is always something to learn.


Recognize your assignment.

Your ability to look at where you are as an assignment can be life changing, and not only for you. You my have been placed in your current situation, or position to be a blessing to someone destined to cross your path. Recognizing your on assignment can help someone else, our assignment is not just for us, remember that. Just think like this, me being here is going to help someone else bloom.


Push through.

Some situations may be harder to push through than other, but decide to push through anyway. Come from up under the dirt, the cold dark place, the confusion and push through. The flower needs sun to grow so seek out the light in the dark places. Always remember to bloom, flower need water too, so be thankful for the rain because it’s strengthening your push through.

Accept where you are. Take advantages of your opportunities. Recognize your assignment. Push through, and BLOOM DIVA, BLOOM! That’s how you bloom where you’re planted.

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