Read a Da*n Book

Sis!!! It’s time…well actually its past time, to be more than pretty. We see you. You cute, you’re poppin, you’re well put together. But what about your mind? What do you look like on the inside? Please let there be more to you than Netflix and chillin and scrolling social media. Please say that you actually take time to read a damn book!

Our sisters here know that divas are more than just pretty faces. Don’t get me wrong, cause we’re so beautiful women, if I must say so my self. But our intellect is what truly makes us beautiful. And speaking of being beautiful and pretty, check out what we’re starting off 2020 in our book club.




Yeah we have on of thse because we encourage women to be life long students. There is always something to learn. Want to take part in our book club discussions? Join our sisterhood today!

We start reading More than Pretty on Monday, January 20, 2020 so you still have to join us and get on the fun as we encourage you to read a da*n book!

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