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Being F.I.T. is my birthright!

I am Fierce. Inspired. Transformed.

~T. Renee Miller

Meet the Founder: Trecia.

Trecia “T. Renee” Miller, a native of Tallahassee, FL, is a wife, mother, believer, and woman who has tapped into her purpose. Trecia has always been the supporter and motivator, encouraging her friends to go after everything they want in life.  After noticing a common trend in the women around her, she saw a need and was led to fill it.  That need was a community where women could feel safe to be themselves. A community that thrived off positive relationships among women. A space that empowered women to be their best self and encouraged community over competion. It wasn’t the time to say we need this, or someone should to that because ultimately that someone was her. From the wisdom gained from her life experiences and the women connected to her she harnessed her power, strength and determination to positively impact women!

Trecia is Also

A graduate for The Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. She is also a certified Life and Business Coach.

Trecia’s passion to empower, encourage and change the narrative of relationships between women led to the establishment of F.I.T. Divas society in December 2016. F.I.T. Divas society encourages personal development and building genuine relationships. F.I.T.T Divas aims to cultivate a society of winning women through events, outreach, faith building, learning experiences, our media publication and more. We are here to provide you with a rich, life-changing experience while building healthy connections because we know we are stronger together!

The journey we’re on with the F.I.T. Divas society is just beginning. With continued direction from God, the unwavering support of her husband and close family, Trecia is on a mission to ensure that anyone who crosses her path knows that their dreams can come true!

T. Renee Miller, Founder
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