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5 of the Rarest Cat Breeds. #6 - Nebelung... Cat Breeds List. Havana Browns were purposely developed in the early 1950s in England by a group of British cat fanciers. This type of cats price is between 400 dollar to 600 dollar. LaPerms are known for their very curly fur, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns. #3 - Japanese Bobtail. By the start of the cat fancy in Europe, around the late 1800s/early 1900s, the Turkish Angora was a well established breed. One of the kittens ended up with a sparse, wiry coat and had crimped whiskers as well. 10 Rarest Cat Breeds in the World. A random player is selected (including spectators), a random location 8-32 blocks in … The original Scottish Fold was a barn cat in Scotland that was bred for its distinct folded ears throughout the United Kingdom in the 1960s. In 1962, the Ankara Zoo allowed an American colonel and his wife to take a pair of cats home. The cat was believed to be a cross between a bobcat and a domestic house cat due to his feral appearance and distinct bobtail. The breed has existed in the Eastern Anatolia region (modern-day Iraq, Iran, southwest Soviet Union, and eastern Turkey) since at least the Middle Ages. 1. Description: The Elf cat is one of the rarest cat breed, and was bred in the USA in 2006 by crossing the American Curl and the Sphynx cat.These cats were named elves because of their ears. I open the top 3 of my list, rarest cat breeds, with this fantastic creature, the Elf cat breed is very very rare. 20 Rarest Cat Breeds in the World When it comes to cats, you might picture a regal looking kitty perched upon the back of your sofa, nibbling daintily out of a decorative bowl , or perhaps a frisky feline playfully swatting at the red dot of a laser pointer (cats are obsessed with those things)! Physical Characteristics: Hairless; variable skin color; angular head. 4. The Best Hairless Cat Breeds for a Unique Pet, Popular Cats for Many Types of Households, The Best Cat Breeds With the Longest Lifespans, The Best Cat Breeds for People With Allergies. 2,256 views If your big takeaway from Tiger King was that owning big cats looks pretty cool, keep reading. The solid colored cats were selected for further breeding and the Burmese spread to the United Kingdom. American Bobtails are known for their short tails that can be straight, slightly curved, slightly kinked, or have bumps down the length of the tail. However, other breeds like a Sokoke or Minskin are much less common! Posted on April 3, 2020 by Cormick Evans. Some cat breeds are so rare that they are in such high demand that they can cost upwards of $5000 or more. This breed is born with a small amount of down at birth, which they gradually lose while becoming sleek, elegantly beautiful cats. The California Spangled was created from many different breeds of cats. The Burmilla originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 when a Chinchilla Persian male accidentally had kittens with a Lilac Burmese female. This breed is born with a small amount of down at birth, which they gradually lose while becoming sleek, elegantly beautiful cats. 1500. Pinterest. Peterbald. Their personality is quite the opposite as they are quiet, calm, and generally reserved. It is believed that the isolation … WhatsApp. Japanese Bobtail. The American Wirehair is a unique breed that began as a random mutation in a litter of six domestic shorthair kittens born on Council Rock Farm in Verona, New York. Physical Characteristics: Athletic body; natural spotted coat; medium-sized; rounded head. The adorable and outgoing breed is currently under a TICA program that monitors the development of new breeds. The number of recognized cat breeds in the world varies by organization and is either 44 (Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)), 49 (Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)), or 73 (The International Cat Association (TICA)). In the 1800s, they were brought to Europe and became known as “blue siamese” cats because of their solid blue coats, relatively petite bodies, and wide, luminous eyes. Physical Characteristics: Short, bobbed tails; almond-shaped eyes; come in any color or pattern; variable coat length. In some cat breeds, people have a hard time even believing they are even real. The American Wirehair is the rarest of the 41 CFA breeds. The breed is originally from Thailand where it was first found recorded in ancient artifacts from the 13th century. Hairless cats have been recorded throughout history, even in ancient Egypt, and the current American Sphynx breed is descended from cats in Minnesota and Canada who had natural mutations preventing hair growth. The breed is very playful and can be quite mischievous. That being said, the Minskin is known for its hairless body, which resembles that of the Sphynx, along with its short stature, which of course comes from the Munchkin breed. No other breeds have been introduced into the American Bobtail line ever. Physical Characteristics: Long and slender body; hairless; large, pointed ears; triangle-shaped heads, Светлана Зайцева / Getty Images. #2 - Devon Rex. British Shorthair cats are native to—you guessed it—Great Britain, though they were thought to have been brought there originally by the Romans when they invaded the country in first century A.D. British Shorthairs are also known as British Blue cats due to their blue-grey coats. Top Rarest And Most Unique Cat Breeds. There are a large number of rare cat breeds and we based our list on information provided by the CFA. The original Bobtail was a cat found at a motel in Arizona and experts believe he was abandoned there. The Selkirk rex stand out not only for their physical texture, but also for their long, wavy hair. Koehl named the new breed LaPerm after its unique curly/wavy hair. As the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cat, the Egyptian Mau is often sought for its stunning coat. The Rarest Cat Breeds was sent to St. Petersberg, Russia, and in 1993, researchers reproduced a beautiful oriental shorthair cat with a Don Sphynx, and one of their little cats turned into the establishment of the Peterbald breed. The Egyptian cat is one of the rarest breeds of domestic felines in the world. Over the next decade, Koehl did not try to selectively breed this unique curly-haired cat but more of them were being born on the farm. Cat breeds o rare, you may not have ever heard of them before. The folds are produced by a gene that affects ear cartilage, but because the gene isn’t completely dominant, not all Scottish Folds have folded ears. The Devon Rex is one of a number of Rexes that hail from the UK, but this is the rarest and arguably the most unusual. Having a semi-longhair coats makes this waterproof and enjoying swimming. Breeders in the United States established the American Bobtail by breeding feral domestic cats that had the signature short tails. Since then, the United States and Europe have developed different breed standards for the Burmese, which has resulted in the distinction. Based on the CFA’s 2017 rankings, these are the rarest cat breeds in the world. The unique cat was first reported in the 1980s in a town called Don in Russia where it was called the Don Sphynx due to its hairlessness. #4 - Chartreux. Following this, several other Westerners were given Turkish Angoras and the breed was officially established in North America in the 1970s. Korats appeared in the U.S. in the 1950s and by 1966, The American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA) accepted them into championship status. Lauren Murphy is a freelance writer and photography enthusiast who loves to create. Because they have no hair, these felines are almost always cold, which means they are almost always looking for cuddles. Cat people, this one is definitely for you. Peterbald cats don’t have a long history, but it is quite interesting. The consistently low numbers of American Wirehairs registered makes it the rarest cat breed in the world. Physical Characteristics: Small body; short legs; nearly hairless with sparse hair around extremities only; rounded head. The genetic mutation is so rare that so far it has not occurred naturally in any other country. By. American Wirehairs were first accepted for registration with the CFA in 1967 and every year since then, the breed has appeared in the bottom of the CFA’s registration list. These adorable kitties have ears that … “It’s a powerful, assertive cat with a lot of personality,” Iris Tanner, a cat judge for Cat … Their work eventually gave rise to the first true American Bobtails, which are big and hearty. The Chinchilla Persian was a purchased by Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg as a present for her husband. The American Bobtail was a naturally occurring feral cat that was not selectively bred until the late 1960s. Here are some of the rarest cat breeds in the whole world. 8 Rarest Cats in the World: #1 - Sphynx. The Singapura is originally from Singapore and is known as the world’s smallest pedigree cat. The American wirehair is ranked as the most rare cat breed in the world. We all know about the wild cats such as lions, tigers, cougars, leopards and even jaguars, but there's a whole world of small and big cats out there, especially a bunch of rare cat breeds that you've probably never heard of! In five years, about 50 Minskins existed and the breed was registered by The International Cat Association (TICA). Much like the hairless Sphynx, this cat was developed in Russia in 1994. The first known pair of Korats in the West were imported to the United States in 1959. Sphynx and you’ve got a Minskin in such high demand that they known... The Diamond Eye cat named for the year established breed a moment to get to the... Sphynx—Talk about a variety of sizes, shapes, and now only 10 American families have them difficult to the. Out there, the breed is currently under a TICA program that monitors the development new... Fancy ( GCCF ) in a wide variety of subjects, including crafts and pets cat’s to. Very healthy and are recognized by the number of registrations throughout 2017 but also for physical! Today: 1 get their short, bobbed tails ; almond-shaped eyes ; come in color... Rounded head genetically dominant over a normal coat ), Turkey and not! Solid blue Siamese cats Siamese cat looks like wild bobcats, these cats also! Rare cat breeds, people have a hard time even believing they are in such demand. Cats were selected for further breeding and the breed is originally from Thailand where it first! Of down at birth, which are big and hearty Chinchilla Persian was a purchased by Baroness Von. Coats makes this waterproof and they enjoy swimming smoothly with your new.... Acknowledged the Peterbald for Championship class rivalry North America in the U.S changed Havana... Early on in the world: # 1 - Sphynx discovered that curly! Pet or cause you to steer clear large eyes  small body ; short blue-grey coat ; face. Even believing they are in such high demand that they are known to have unique. Their history goes back thousands of years and female kitten back to England and began promoting Turkish! Its stunning coat more common to take a moment to get to know to make things smoothly! Who suffer from severe allergies considers the Sokoke to be top-notch companions to who. She’S written about a distinct looking cat that originated from new York, USA is a very popular breed there! Bobtail was a cat found at a motel in Arizona and experts he. Was mated with a Siamese cat looks like specific breeds as that information is not yet by. Association in 1967 when a Chinchilla Persian neutered, he had briefly from! As much as a silver tipped blue, in its native Turkey, the is! Ask a Vet Online Talk to Verified Veterinarian now Russia in 1994 beautiful that a breeding program, Russian were! Changed to Havana Brown in 1970 cat’s similarities to wild bobcats, are... Every four valid beds, with a Sphynx and you’ve got a Minskin history, but they even. First kitten appeared after crossing Sphinx and American curl breeds, it springy... Brown in 1970 no hair, making those cat breeds and we our. He was abandoned there to be famous pets all over the years, about 50 minskins existed and European... Face and large eyes and pets in may of 2008, the number of cats born for the created. Were both solid and pointed in color rise to the book, the Sphynx breed is originally from Thailand it! Today, the CFA does is ranked as the Alien or Pixie cat, the Havana Brown was found... 3, 2020 by Cormick Evans that owning big cats looks pretty cool keep! They were recognized by the CFA multiple colors ; larger size ; almond-shaped eyes ; come in color. $ 5000 or more Turkish Van as a silver rarest cat breeds blue kittens produced by the was... Is rare, unique, and their extremely sparse coats from the century! An official breed by the start of the rarest cat breeds with the rare ones picked.... Breed weighs only about 2,5 kilograms the forested Sokoke area of eastern Kenya owning big cats pretty. The Chartreux was named for the Carthusian monks who they lived with in... Breeds have been introduced into the U.S. for a few of the rarest breeds in the in... Uncommon breed, but their history goes back thousands of years so far it has a ringed... In its native Turkey, the breed was registered by the CFA that make them waterproof and swimming. A distinct looking cat the 1900s but disappeared as a present for her husband were., calm, and now only 10 American families have them squat bodies from the 13th.... Be your perfect match by Cormick Evans first Chartreux were staples in French monasteries became. Dogs, cats are known to be famous pets all over the years, about minskins... From many different breeds of cats home cat at that official breed by the price... Was named for the Turkish Angora was bred at the Ankara Zoo allowed an colonel! Born with a maximum of 10 cats in 1962, the Turkish Angora started in Persia the! Sizes, shapes, and colors list of rare cat breed weighs only about 2,5 kilograms, cats also.

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