What is the F.I.T. Divas Society?


The F.I.T Divas Society is a sisterhood created for women to encourage and empower each other on this journety of becoming FIERCE.INSPIRED.TRANSFORMED in all areas of life. It is our goal to help women by having a supportive tribe that uplifts and supports each other.  This sisterhood is here to encourage you to pursue your dreams and live out your purpose. We are here to build relationships and turn from competition to collaboration! We believe empowered women empower women because we know we are stronger together!






Support is everything to me. It’s needed in all walks of life. One thing I know for certain, you are the company you keep. Energies rub of naturally. I’ve experienced this first hand, both good and bad.

Here our goal is to create a positive safe place for women to thrive. A support system that holds you accountable along your journey of becoming the best version of yourself. By connecting with our sisterhood you will have priceless relationships and resources right at your fingertips. If you’re ready to experiene a sisterhood that is ready to soar higher just like you, join our community today.



  • Enthusiasm to conqueor what's in store
  • Clearly defined goals and achievables
  • Accountability partners
  • Investing in yourself
  • A tribe of sisters who support you
  • Relationships with like minded women
  • Access to grants + giveaways
  • Collaboration + Exposure

We won't be right for you if:

  • You are not interested in contributing to a community.
  • You have a habit of starting things and quitting.
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself.
  • You don't believe in community over competition.
  • You can't clap when its your sisters turn to win.

You'll love it here if:

  • You are looking to make connections and grow.
  • You want to build healthy relationships with women.
  • You are willing to invest in your development
  • You have no issues with supporting other women.
  • You want to becone the best version of yourself.

FIT Divas Logo Tee


FIERCE: The woman with a combincation of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions used collectively to be confident in everything. She excudes true confidence and believes in herself.

INSPIRED: The woman who is amazing, impressive and memorable. She uplifts the women around her and her courage produces the ultimate slay.

TRANSFORMED: The woman who has evolved into a more poweful being. She is proudly walking in her purpose and is ready to conquer.


No you do not. Our membership is open to women world wide! All you need is wifi to be able to benefit from our community.

No.We are here for all women, business owner or not. We cater to the WHOLE woman: mind, body, and soul.

Yes and No. We currently have two membership levels. One free and one $60 annually (*subject to change). Paid membership has its perks.